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Discovering the Northland Gardens: The Story of Aleutian Plants
October 22, 2010 - january 15, 2011

Rugged and windswept, overcast and sopping wet,  the Aleutian Islands would seem to be the least likely place to look for graceful orchids, elegant irises, and vibrant rhododendron. But here they grow, beautiful and untended, climbing the slopes from the frigid edges of the tumultuous Pacific to the snow covered mountain tops.
Botanists for a long time have been intrigued by the profusion of plants and their variety on the Aleutians. 
Today, most of them are in agreement: that the floral life in a land practically untouched by a human effort was shaped by  such cataclysmic events as the Ice Age, the emergence of dry land from the ocean edges, and the sudden appearance of volcanic islands.