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    Past Exhibitions
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Discovering the Northland Gardens: 
The Story of Aleutian Plants
October 22, 2010 - january 15, 2011
Life in the Aleutians:
Earth, Fire, Water, Wind
February 12, 2011 - May 21, 2011
Difficult Journeys : 
Education in the Aleutian Islands
June 3, 2011 - November 5, 2011
Acts of Love
Real Stories, Real People: The Quilts of Judi Ruder
March 2nd to September 8th, 2012
Semper Paratus, Always Ready
The United States Coast Guard in the Aleutian Islands
September 7th, 2012 - January 12th, 2013
Aleutian Safari
Contemporary Artwork from local Artists
March 13th, 2013 - July 19th, 2013
The Grumman Goose and the Aleutian Landscape, 
Watercolors and photographs by Burke Mees 
(December 7th, 2013 - March 29th, 2014)

Aleuts: Survivors of the Land Bridge
The Research of William S. Laughlin
April 5th, 2014 - September 20th, 2014

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Alaska's Wild West
The True Story of Alaska's Range Wars 
in the Aleutian Islands
September 26th, 2014 - March 28th, 2015