Life From the Sea (Part II)
(Permanent Exhibition)

First Contact

Thousand or years passed. The Unangan moved and settled where hunting and fishing was good, until nine different groups were living in island clusters along the Aleutian Chain.

Then a time came that changed everything. In 1741, Russian explorers Vitus Bering and Aleksei Chirikov sailed into an unknown sea and discovered the Alaska mainland and the Aleutian Islands. Chirikov traded with Natives in a bay off Adak Island.

Moving In

Hearing the news that there were many sea otters in the region, Siberian fur hunters flocked to the Islands. Whenever they reached a suitable island, they traded with the local Unangan for pelts.

Fighting Back

During the early years of Russian contact, violence occasionally broke out. The Unangan attacked the Russians, and the Russians struck back. In spite of this, for about twenty years they continued to trade with each other.

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