Life From the Sea (Part III)
(Permanent Exhibition)

The Russian-American Company

In 1799, Emperor Paul I granted a fur-trading monopoly to the Russian-American Company. With competition eliminated, the Eastern Unangan were impressed into service, and conditions in the villages worsened.

A New Faith

The fur traders introduced the Unangan to Russian Orthodox Christianity, baptizing especially the young men. By tradition, the baptized person became the baptizer's godchild, and felt duty-bound to work only for their godfather. 


With the introduction of Russian culture, the patterns and routines of village life inevitably changed. Clothing, housing, boat design, and hunting techniques evolved in response to Russian technologies. 

Holy Ascension of Our Lord Cathedral

The Holy Ascension of Our Lord Cathedral as it stands today was completed and dedicated in 1896 under the direction of Father Alexander Kedrovsky, who served the parish from 1894-1908. The current cathedral is the 4th church built for the Unalaska parish and has several icons that date back to the founding of the parish in the early 19th century.

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