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"Mike was a complex person, eccentric, iconoclastic, challenging, but no one loved Unalaska more. He was, in many ways, a classical 19th century Romantic, our own Rimbaud, a secular William Blake."

--Ray Hudson
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The Etchings of Mike Rasmussen

April 3rd - May 30th, 2015

Born in Chicago in 1950 and raised in the northwest, Michael Rasmussen arrived at Akutan in 1972 to work aboard the M.V. Akutan, a crab-processing barge. His earliest Aleutian etchings were sketched out while on this processor boat.

Mike was the first artist in the Aleutians to use the etching printmaking method. 

Mike Rasmussen spent a summer living in a WWII cabana, then spent two and a half year in a Quonset hut before moving to the Unalaska Nirvana Hill cabana that would become his home and studio for the next 18 years.
Processing Crab Tails, 1973
Mike Rasmussen
Sketch, Etched Plate and Etching
Processing Crab, 1973
Mike Rasmussen
Printing Press and tools 
used by Mike Rasmussen

Etched Plates by Mike Rasmussen
pre-Aleutian period to 1985