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Museum of the Aleutians Teaching Collection Inventory
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Archaeology (TC.A)

TC.A.0001       Basalt Stone Lamp (1)
TC.A.0002Root Pick Fragments, Bone (2)
TC.A.0003Basalt Fishing Sinkers (3)
TC.A.0004Basalt Grinding Stone (1)
TC.A.0005Grooved Canines Polishing/Engraving Tools (2)
TC.A.0006Stemmed Obsidian Point (5)
TC.A.0007Unifacial Blades (4)
TC.A.0009Fish hooks, ivory and bone (5)
TC.A.0010Various barbed lances, sea mammal bone (4)
TC.A.0011Bilaterally barbed harpoon with hole, sea mammal bone (1)
TC.A.0012Unilaterally barbed harpoon with blade slot, sea mammal bone (4)
TC.A.0013       Ivory labret (3)
TC.A.0014Unilaterally barbed toggling harpoon, sea mammal bone (1)
TC.A.0015Awl, bird bone (1)
TC.A.0016Blade, green chert (1)
TC.A.0017Hafted scrapers, reproductions (2)
TC.A.0018Blade handle, sea mammal bone (1)
TC.A.0019Wedge with sockets, whale bone (1)
TC.A.0020Worked bone tool, sea mammal bone (1)
TC.A.0022Hafted blades, reproductions (2)
TC.A.0024Complete root pick, whale bone (1)
TC.A.0025Abrader, pumice (1)
TC.A.0028Cooking bowl fragment, basalt
TC.A.0029Ochre pieces (4)
TC.A.0030Image reproduction of “Aleut in a Kajaq”
TC.A.0031Image reproduction of “Canoes of Oonalashka”
TC.A.0034Slate Ulu (3)
TC.A.0035Hand drill, sea mammal bone (1)
TC.A.0036Harpoon points, various barbed designs (3)
TC.A.0037Large unilaterally barbed  harpoon, with decorative designs, sea mammal bone (1)

Alaska Cultural Standards for Students addressed: A.3, A.4, B.1, B.4, D.4, D.5, E.5, 
AK Content Standards: Science A.3, E.3, F.3; History A.6, A.8, A.9, B.2, B.3, C.4, 
*Standards will vary with the purpose and use of artifacts within lessons.  These are standards that one may include, but are not limited to.

Natural History (TC.NH)

TC.NH.001Sea lion pelt scraps (3)
TC.NH.002Golden harbor seal pelt (1)
TC.NH.003Sea otter pelt (1)
TC.NH.023Fox pelt (1)

AK Content Standards addressed: Science C.2, C.3

Natural History artifacts from Teaching and Permanent Collections available for viewing at Museum by appointment (not available for classroom checkout)

TC.NH.010Agates and Zeolites from Agamgik Bay
TC.NH.011Pyroxene and Plagioclase, Basalt, Core sample from Makushin Volcano
TC.NH.012Quartz veins with Gold and Sulfides, Pyramid Peak
TC.NH.013Quartz crystals with vein from Apollo Mine, Unga Island
TC.NH.014Quartz crystals with traces of Gold from West of Makushin Volcano
TC.NH.015Meta-Sequoia, Petrified Redwood, Unga Island 
TC.NH.016Meta-Sequoia, Petrified Redwood, Atka Island 
TC.NH.017Green Moss Agate/Chlorite Clay from Statim Bay
TC.NH.018Quartz Diorite Core sample
TC.NH.019Massive Sulfur from Makushin Volcano
TC.NH.020Polished Agate nodule From Agamgik Bay
TC.NH.021Polished Agate with Calcite from Agamgik Bay 
TC.NH.022Polished Jasper-Agate-Moss from Agamgik Bay

AK Content Standards addressed: Geography C.2, C.3; Science D.1, D.2, G.1, G.4

Please check back often as our Teaching Collection Expands!

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This program is designed for educators to be able to bring artifacts from the Teaching Collection into their classrooms, either by teacher check out, or having a guest speaker from the Museum bring in artifacts in a special treasure chest and giving in-classroom presentations.  To view the available artifacts, please click on any item from the Teaching Collection below.
To utilize the Treasures from the Museum program, download the Teaching Collection Request form and email or fax it to the Museum, or simply give us a call.

Teachers are finding very innovative ways to integrate local knowledge and resources into their curriculum, from looking at stone tools during geology units, to incorporating root picks into their science units on levers and pulleys!  Schedule your classroom visit today!  If you are an out of town teacher, please contact us for check out options at education@aleutians.org

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