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South Channel Bridge Site Dig

Summer Field Season 2003 - UNL 50
Dr. Richard Davis, Chair of Bryn Mawr College. Anthropology Department,
records artifact locations.
High section of site, and Brian Wygal working in a lower house feature.
Dr. Richard Davis working in the upper house feature.---------- Dr. Richard Davis Principle investigator for UNL 50 Early July 2003
Dr Rick Knecht, Principle investigator, digs with crew. Early July 2003
Field Supervisor Chas Bello at wet screens. ----------- Outstanding view of Captains Bay from UNL 50, 
UNL 50; High section features being recorded -------- Nicole Misarti measures features. Early July 2003
UNL 50, Late July 2003
UNL50 August17, 2003
UNL50 August 30, 2003
Dr. Katherine Woodhouse-Beyer mapping UNL 50.
Dr. Rick Knecht examining large grinder.
A serious wet screening system.
Principle investigator Dr. Rick Knecht  at wet screen station. Late July 2003
At Museum of the Aleutians; lab crew cleaning and cataloging collection. 
Some of the better finds from UNL 50.

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