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UNL - 055
Summer 2001 Archaeological Project
Museum of the Aleutians 

Museum of the Aleutians archaeological team
prepares to excavate a mound site, UNL-55 Amaknak Spit Site - Tanaxtaxak
Small bone image discovered at UNL-055.
Dr. Rick Davis of Bryn Mawr College with Nicole Misarti of
University of Wisconsin, work on site surface mapping.
Virginia Hatfield of University of Kansas and Shawn Dickson
of Unalaska run the prism on site mapping.
Virginia Hatfield checks the Topcon Total station. 
The first week of excavation at UNL-055, mound site on
Amaknak Island Spit; Charles Bellows, Nicole Misarti,
and Shawn Dickson excavating.
Water screens at work, Dr. Davis foreground,
Dr. Knecht background.
Virginia Hatfield checks the Topcon Total station. 
The Army Corps of Engineers contracted the Museum of the Aleutians to excavate a large mound on Amknak Island Spit on Amknak Island. The Principle excavators were Dr. Rick Knecht and Dr. Rick Davis, Bryn Mawr College.

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