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The museum will satisfy the requests for images to be reproduced for related publications and exhibit purposes.
The Museum will only charge reproduction fees for items that are owned outright by the Museum.
The copyrights on the historic postcards from the Museum of the Aleutians collection (Thwaites et al.) need to be researched. 

Costs and options
* Black & white prints
The Museum has an operating darkroom to print from black & white negatives but limited staff resources mean we cannot achieve this outcome on a regular basis.  At this stage, b/w film is sent to Anchorage for processing. Due to these limitations this option should be reserved for special cases only.

high quality scan, (over 75 dpi), e-mail gratis$16.00

Publication fees (per image, in addition to the cost of the photograph)
This fee is based on the intended use of the image, and is additional to the cost of the image.

Under 10,000 copies    $10$30
10,000 – 25,000   $15$50
over 25,000  $50$100

Magazines, Serials
Under 10,000$10$30
10,000 – 50,000    $15$50
50,000-100,000     $25$75
over 100,000 $50$100

Special Services 
Annual Reports     $15$30
Book Jackets$30$75
Commercial motion picture/television$50$100
Non-commercial motion picture/TV   $25$50
Advertising               $30$75

Scanned at no greater than 75dpi     $25$25

Credit line
All reproductions must be credited correctly with information supplied by the Museum of the Aleutians.  This will include –

Museum of the Aleutians
accession number/credit line 
photographer, title, date, medium 
collection/donor credit line

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